The Human Genome
Comparative Genomics
The Human Genome is a book that can read itself

Human Genome (1)		
Human Genome (2a)
Everything is a Poem

God is a Chemist 	
God the Chemist (1)
Feeling the Discovered Workings of the Genome
Who breathed chemicals into life
Does God Remember?  	
Did God Know

My Dream of the Double Helix
DNA Trails

Human Genome Annunciation (1)
Human Genome Annunciation (2)
What hymn, what poem 
Only a few sentences in life are worth hearing

Revealing the Human Genome
Slowness, at enormous speed

    The Human Genome Project – meTHOD (1)
Human Genome Project – Method (1)  	
Working on the Human Genome 		
Unearthing the Human Genome

    The Word
Life is written in four letters – the letters are A,C,G,T
In darkness, The Word
The First Syllable Explodes
From the threads of nothing 		
Stars are written in the Night Sky
God is a Poet  				
I am a poem
Listen, the world is reading 
The Four Letters of LOVE
Rehearsing the Rose
The Literary Trinity
I am written in the hand of God
I am words in unformed dark
The Word is the answer
We hear the page of the world opening
Life is a script forever reading
I am a story telling myself
Like illuminated manuscripts
We are the Word
We are poems spoken
Science and religion are married in the Genome (1)
Naturally occurring antisense transcripts
Listen again 					
Some Ingenious Gene Words for Growing Body Parts
Gene Research Papers - name samples

    Genetic Transcription
    & Translation
Your hands are stars

‘LUCA’ – Last Universal Common Ancestor
Without the Word - nothing
Wherefrom our understanding
Nature, sprung improbably
The word ‘Grace’ 					
The Moon’s Word
Animal of the Universe
Was God Surprised by Us
In coming to know the Genome
Sky is reading my heart and eyes
The Possible Children
The ear of the Universe
Writing my life today 
Using the word ‘soul’ again   				
This morning I dreamt I had tea with George Clooney
(and congratulated him on his excellent exhibition of DNA)
Isn’t it a soul genome our eyes read

    Nature of the Genome (1)
Nature of the Genome (1)
Such fabulous embroidery
Genetic Squirrels 
As Earth shines
Nature of the Genome (2)
From light’s bright saliva 
Genes for Untidiness

Transfer of Bacteria
It seems a bit miserable to be made of bacteria
The tree of life is never still

        Junk DNA
Revealing the acute artistry of Nature

    All Life is One
All Life is One (1)
My white hands outstretched
All Life is One (2)
One root, one creature 			
Four billion years we have rehearsed ourselves
The Roundish Flat Worm
Making Starfish
The New Relations

        Comparative Genomics
Comparative Genomics
Genetic Tools under the skin
Shall I dare to believe the mouse is my brother
I live in the Church of Nature
Once, I could smell you
From star-death, gases, we have risen 		
From strings of time, star molecules
Behold the leaf in my hand
Every atom, every molecule 
All strictures, boundaries, single vision 		
Coming from the Clay
Stars have become men
God is the artist 
Made in God’s Image (1) 			
The Shaman slots his software
Even the wet stone under my green hand
Paper Chain
The poem of all the things I have held in my handsIntroduction.htmlSEQUENCE_ONE.htmlPrimer.htmlIntroductory_Poems.htmlChemistry.htmlThe_Double_Helix.htmlRevelation.htmlCompletion.htmlThe_Human_Genome_Project.htmlSequencing.htmlThe_Word.htmlGenetic_Transcription_%26_Translation.htmlGenetic_Transcription_%26_Translation.htmlRNA.htmlLUCA.htmlNature_of_the_Genome.htmlBacteria.htmlJunk_DNA.htmlAll_life_is_one.htmlComparative_Genomics.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4shapeimage_1_link_5shapeimage_1_link_6shapeimage_1_link_7shapeimage_1_link_8shapeimage_1_link_9shapeimage_1_link_10shapeimage_1_link_11shapeimage_1_link_12shapeimage_1_link_13shapeimage_1_link_14shapeimage_1_link_15shapeimage_1_link_16shapeimage_1_link_17shapeimage_1_link_18shapeimage_1_link_19




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    Gene Zoo
Organic whispering of the Animal Word 				
In my kingdom there are no kings or subjects
GENE ZOO: A Brief Welcome -

“Small Worm Makes History” 
Worm c.elegans
We are called from the worm
C.elegans, ‘the elegant worm’ 

Fruit Fly Drosiphila melanogaster
It’s not much fun being a fruit fly
Even the disgusting fly, hellish bluebottle
Just buzz oaf

‘Mus musculus’
Mouse Clues
What map to bind mouse and man

Mus musculus, the Common Mouse
Behold the living laboratory of the mouse 
Mouse - I’m sorry you’re so convenient
3-D Mouse Atlas Gene Expression Database
Embryo, Cashew nut-curled
Twinkle-presence from the skirting
Mathilda Mouse 
Fuorescent Mice
Your Dream of a Tail


My favourite animal was a mouse
Our Mouse
A Mouse Ate My Notes

        Puffer Fish
Fugu rubripes
On finding out humans and puffer fish are closely related
Re-awakened Pufferfish Gene 
On finding out one bears a stunning ressemblance to a Puffer Fish
Suspended in sea, I remember the fish

        Also, Zebrafish
Blood brothers with the cold zebra fish
Green fluorescent protein gene
The principle of creativity inherent in Nature
Golden Fish

Polar fish antifreeze III protein (BAA91818.1)
The Age of Fishes
Do fish cry?
Let us call the grunion something other

	Edible Dinosaurs
	Chicken Resemblance
	DNA more apparent in the roasting dish
	French Chickens in the Yard
	Every time you eat a battery chicken
	The Male Satin Bowerbird is an Artist
	We do not know how to be afraid of birds
	EGG (1)
	Two Double Yolks
	Realising What an Egg Is

Dog 1
Now we understand (1)
Dog Map
Dog 2
Our Collie 
Dog 3

Brother to the Rat, Norvegicus norvergicus
Feeling Ratty
Yeah, I’m a Rat
I know someone who looks like a rat

        Tyrannosaurus Rex
T. rex Genome

Chimpanzee Genus Classification
They stayed in the garden eating fruit
Cultivating FOXP2
That blue pulls me
A blaze in the brain

My mammalian extended family
Mammal Grown from Water
Wee Shrew-like Creature
What a jolly mammal party!


Gene for placidity
Highland Cattle on the Shore Today
Moo Blues
An animal beyond milk production
Genetic Sisterhood of Milk

          What coming is this - The Christmas Pigs

Remembering Our Wings
Homo Avis
The Missing Link
Children’s Wings
Blunt shoulders hurt
Bird Star Maps 
Sunny Day Angel
Today I saw a crow flying by with a piece of toast!
Bumble Bee Learning about Flowers
My heart is a bird
Good Morning, Mr Magpie
Lungs are internal wings
Cuckoos really say ‘Cuck-oo’! 
God Sent a Thrush
Poem of the Swallows

        Now we understand
Now we understand (3)
Now we understand (4)
Now we understand (5)
Foxes, like owls, wolves, cats, doves
What art in a single silver scale

          Goodbye to becoming the lion

    Gene Garden
          One billion, six hundred million years ago, we split
Arabidopsis thaliana - Thale Cress		
Needing Sun
Women Flowers
The Lily Wears her Soul for Skin
Earth speaks to my winter feet
Snowdrops came like a prayer
This genetically-inspired spring
Touch them here, in the fossilised gloom
Big pink happy petal face
Remembering Ourselves as Leaves
	Now we understand (6)

And more than beauty in Nature’s cultured brain
The Rose in my Hand
Robert Burns’s Rose
Now we understand (7)
Why the Rose became a Heart
Now we understand (8)
Now we understand (9)
Now we understand (10)
Organic Purpose of Fruit
Just one tree
Blood roses
The painting of a flower is a shroud
The Rose being against all chance and probability -

          Tobacco is a killer 
I Shook Hands with the Tree
Once I grew older like the lichen
The rowan has bled to death
Desk Lily 
Water Lily in Scottish Garden
Summer Evening Vase
Us as Trees
Tree Genome
Red Stem
The leaf does not want to leave the tree
My paintings are like my garden 

Rice is enshrined

GM Test Crops
Who would leave the world open - 
Correct outcome of sun and earth chemistries
The Dog in the Maize
What Spores Invisibly Speckle
GM - People Fear

        Terminator Technology
Terminator Technology
Negative Script Seed
Each Seed is a Negative Mine
The meaning of a seed is holy
Autumn is the Season of DNA
Last Pansies
Winter Garden snapshot
Will my Heart Never Learn the Spelling of Content
The Chestnut Aches
Summer Shower
The Rose’s Last Mouth

    Earth Poems
          Earth is the same language
Whole Stories of Earth

My hand is the soil
Barriers of form are pictures
One frosted hogweed star under the Moon
From Stars and Love
Not one space
The stone in my hand is a grey book
Now we understand (11)
Sea urchin spawning on the Full Moon
Silver Highland Evening Landscape
I hold out my burning palm
Little Pink Savages
Highland War Boys
Sewn from Stars
I hear the earth

My coagulation from water
Dissolution of Blue
In the Highlands, you can see straight up to heaven  
Morvern Bluebells

        Dance (1)
          Children hear the music
Difficult Highland Landscape
Beauty always struggles against the dark
The Sky is Crying
Tell me how to live
Fat Summer
My little bit city garden
Why do birds go on singing

          Poems for a wounded planet
The beat of the dark drum
The unheard-of voice
Space Freak
We cannot see the wood dying
White burning from the world
While Earth burns
He’s bloody brilliant that Goad
I lay my hand on Earth’s brow
Nowhere Suitable to Land
The beautiful, lying lake
The rowan is wounded
This is the Hour of Earth’s Destruction

        Mass Extinction
Mass Extinction
One of the last blue butterflies
Earth is laying down her creatures
Destruction of Biodiversity
Burning fire and coal leopard
Who will help me mark the places?
Until our gardens die
Who would want to reconstitute us?
How much is a butterfly worth?
Earth in my hand
Darwin’s Cup of Mud
Solid Light
Do stars and planets dream of being Earth     
Geobacter sulfurreducens
The Spiralled Galaxies
The Sun has Betrayed Me
The world has closed its heart to me
The New Moon Shivers 
So alone, blue planet
Wow! Zong! Gee Whiz!
All the land round here is owned
We, the People, Want to Save Earth
We will not abdicate responsibility
We will not accept the ruination of the world
We will not suffer this to happen in our name
We, the people, will not give up Earth to you

        Nature & Science notes
If it is not love
Empire of man over the inferior creatures of God
Obviously female
How eager are men to strip magic from the world
Science draws attention to the magic of the world
Described to the Last Molecule
Nature is God’s love for life
Master Grim and the Kingfisher
Across the moor
How long since I have seen the sky 
Romantic Revival 2

        Goddess Visions
You have awoken me, calling a name
Marks of Gaia
That shifting in the green
Communal poetry of the world
We welcomed Gaia at our feast
The Horseshoe slipped
I will make you a Goddess
Here is a Last Bastion of Nature
Beautiful root of an idea

Superior twinkling of switches
All that separates us from the worm 
Imagination, art, are not luxuries
Human life, as distinguished from a leaf
Contemplation of whether we were longer worm or fly
Where is the working of the heart written
We are symphonic
Grand High Champion of Genes
What Dreamed the Hand and Eye
Genetic Arms Race under the Surface
What they can do for us
Let me remember I am Leaf, Bird, and Animal
So much happens in the invisibility of life
The Human Brain is the Flower of Creation
Come into my forest now
Tear GenomeSEQUENCE_TWO.htmlGene_zoo.htmlWorm.htmlFly.htmlMouse.htmlPuffer_Fish.htmlAlso,_Zebrafish.htmlFish.htmlChicken.htmlDog.htmlRat.htmlT-Rex.htmlChimpanzee.htmlPharming.htmlCow.htmlGoat.htmlWings.htmlNow_we_understand.htmlVolvox.htmlGene_garden.htmlTobacco.htmlRice.htmlGM.htmlTerminator.htmlEarth_poems.htmlConnection.htmlBlue.htmlDance.htmlDestruction.htmlMass_Extinction.htmlRegolith.htmlNature_%26_Science_notes.htmlGoddess_visions.htmlDifference.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1shapeimage_5_link_2shapeimage_5_link_3shapeimage_5_link_4shapeimage_5_link_5shapeimage_5_link_6shapeimage_5_link_7shapeimage_5_link_8shapeimage_5_link_9shapeimage_5_link_10shapeimage_5_link_11shapeimage_5_link_12shapeimage_5_link_13shapeimage_5_link_14shapeimage_5_link_15shapeimage_5_link_16shapeimage_5_link_17shapeimage_5_link_18shapeimage_5_link_19shapeimage_5_link_20shapeimage_5_link_21shapeimage_5_link_22shapeimage_5_link_23shapeimage_5_link_24shapeimage_5_link_25shapeimage_5_link_26shapeimage_5_link_27shapeimage_5_link_28shapeimage_5_link_29shapeimage_5_link_30shapeimage_5_link_31shapeimage_5_link_32shapeimage_5_link_33

    Gene Story
Science is a Great Story 			
Inward and outward, the eyes of science
“omnis cellula e cellula” 
An Exceptionally Brief Sketch on the History of Genetics 	
A bisexual mollusc with a vertebra but no head

        Mendel’s Peas
Mendel’s Peas 
Evolution is a Biological Dance
Factor, gemmule, plastidule, pangene, biopjor, id, idant
Such story and dance in the soul of Science

        The Human Genome Project
          Olympian endeavour

        Some history of the Human Genome Project
Such a map, such a pattern 
Science puts on her tiara
Imagine the recipe for a hand
I see a Da Vinci and Gingerbread Man shape
Dark Wardrobe of Ourselves
The Skins of the World are Falling

          Genomic Map
Genomic Map, Uncharted Territory

        Haplotype Map
Plotting populations
It is harder to map one human being
Maps within maps

        Gene Atlas
Extreme interior topography
What name for the libraries of the world
How beautiful will be the proteome -

Accelerated Sequencing
Reading the book of life
Computer Sequencing of the Human Genome
What were the genomic sequences like?
If we broke Van Gogh’s sunflowers
Digital Ark

        Genomic Grids
          Grid Nirvana
 Downloading a Man

    Romantic Science
In which our poet gamely enters the 21st Century world of science… 
The Genome is a Poem
Poetry and Science among the Stars
Never again will the amateur scientist be able to keep up -
Why is it less the poet’s task
Magical Fact
Give me anything and I will give you art!
Celtic Catherine Wheels of Spiralled Galaxies
Precision is a dream; an approximation

        Some visions, dreams,
        miracles and revelations
        in science
Precision is a dream, an approximation
Life is dancing, Kekule dreamt

Romantic Science
Organic and metaphorical burning
Earth turns in her half-eyed sleep
From swimming atoms of a star
The rainbow is one
The leaf’s live chemistry
Science has no immunity to metaphor –
Kirlian photography shows
The mechanism of the dandelion
Setting a lamp to capture luscious moths
Most suitable terms
Energy is necessary to the biological -

        Brief romp through the relationship of poetry and science,
        now largely, and sadly, estranged
How can we fail to wonder more
The word of poetry grew from the first earth
Into the heart I went
The poorest man is surrounded by miracles
At the ultimates
If the flower is described to the last atom
Aw, c’mon, a wiz just ha’en forty winks
Tramplers of the soul - O arrogant Men 
Why do I collect? Child…
Erasmus is prickling me the way dead people sometimes do –
Is this what we have to thank for poets
droning on…
Rocking in its blue sky socket, the world
Where yet imagination in the scheme of things
Love is complex biology I’ve heard said
How shall we sing of such things
If I am a poor uneducated child, the stars still shine
The poet walked so many miles
Science has stolen more than its due 
How shall we say goodbye to God
We have become as strangers, distrusting tribes
Drawn to the Genome’s honey-pot
Has Science a moral dimension
Throw open the gates of science
As children now, Science and Poetry
Fashionable Language
Dead People’s Rings 
Poets’ Genome
Poetry & Science: Weird Sisters

          An era of healing, if not of needed peace –
Medical Revelation
Virtual Dissection
We have become as glass 

Scientific and clinical omen
Imagine the story in the time of the Genome
Chemical Crystal Ball
Each Drop of Blood is a Book
Physically Psychic Omens
Damage to the code
Where surgeons blind
Reading and understanding are not twins -
The living grammar of the body corrected
Primitive Sophisticate
The Secret Dark of Us 
Poem of me rendered without art

Jesus could look into the Genome
From diabetes to a royal sheep
Sifting for gold molecules
When You Were Ill
          Streptococcus pyogenes/Group A streptococci		
Trypanosoma brucei
There are no stories in picture books about germs

The Word of Cancer
Henrietta Lacks Day
Dismantling Cancer
Large Sugar Molecules
Programmed Cell Death    
Genes under attack
P53, Guardian Angel of the Genome

Anopheles gambiae - Mosquito Genome
Who would have suspected the mosquito
Cloned Lines on ‘Mosquito Day’ by Ronald Ross, 1897 -
Mosquito Allergy 

        Gene Therapy
To lay a hand on an existing poem
Gene Therapy
Interior, invisible genetic mending
Germline Engineering
Go tiny ship
What Kind of Frivolous Human Manipulation of the Genome

        Stem Cells
Stem cells are biological magic
Stem Cells
What magic is this, exposed - 
Can we learn again, so long settled
Manipulation of life’s plasticity
Each stem cell is a first star
External orchestration of miraculous internal force –
Dr Who’s Regeneration
In the bowl of my mother
Homo Leporidae

    Some Special Genes

          “Language is born of instinct” 
Being a writer is not a choice
I wish I had never corrected your baby tongue
‘Laboratory rats demonstrated their linguistic abilities’
At Night the Animals Come to Me…
I’ve heard that the stars and planets are singing
Bird and human music from star molecules

Among all the startling dreams of men
Harvested from stars
The watch and the watchmaker are one 
I played with strings of DNA
Life passes her wand across the dark
Life would not be thought possible
The Grid of my Body
Where did I come from, mummy?

        Homeotic Genes
Organic and chemical orchestration
Hox Genes
Spooling from the dark
Science uncovers the miraculous
Gene sequences switch Off/On
Complexity from Simplicity
We are the Master Print
My body has heard the Word -
Not in charge
Mixing our Genomes
Culture of four billion years

        Embryo Story
THE BEGINNING: oocyte - zygote - cleavage - morula – blastocyst -
blastosphere - gastrula 

          In the heart of things, we have seen mysteries
We are embroidered on the black Universe 
From one, many

        The Amazing Tale of
        Cell Division
          prophase - spindle - poles - prometaphase - metaphase - anaphase 
Everything Begins with One: Cell Division
The Polar Body
        My shine was there 
        I am never to be repeated
        When I became a mother I understood life’s highest arts
        Are we the dream
        Brain Genes

                  DANCE (2) 
        I am a dance
        There is a dance at the heart of life

          Bitter Taste
          Heart Muscle Gene
          Sprung Muscle
Gene of Delight

        The ‘Selfish’ Gene
Selfish Gene
So Evolution is not a grand scheme of things
          MIGHTY METAPHOR 		
Caution: Handle These Words with Care
The Co-operative Gene 1
Nothing matters except that which is left out
The ‘Co-operative Gene’ doesn’t have quite the same ring
The selfish gene is a myth
Ultimate Co-operation of Genes
I could not be more Scottish
The Selfish Man is the Rotten Apple
Co-operative Gene 2

Impossible stars
Three Cloned Mice
Working on Cloning 
In imitation of Nature, ripple of God 

        The Art of Cloning
Let us borrow the discovered wand of life 
The starfish could not live without being a star
Gardeners feel god-like
Frostie the Frozen Calf

        Hello Dolly
She has walked from mythology
As the light of dead stars still shines
Dolly was spun, knitted from the Universe
I did not dream of sheep 
Dolly, Dolly, (the Sheep), give me your answer true

        The World’s First Celebrity Sheep
The concept of a celebrity sheep called Dolly
Roll up, roll up, see the freakish sheep
Is Dolly still the lamb of God,
‘Miss Dolly, could I ask you how it feels?’
Let’s freeze all bores’ semen
The Age of Dolly
Sheepy Freaks
The Sheep of Ages
What a bonnie wee lamb
Ma mammy wiz a Finn-Dorset
Taffy’s Monologue
In this small country

        Human Cloning
Re-cycling Magic Genes
The Genome is not a fixed entity
If I could call you back into skin 
You could be twins
Eve rewound
I have been here before but I cannot remember
Who should be cloned?
Influx of clones
I wanted to write a clone poem
Cloned Poem
Cloned Poem
Twins are not the same person
Consciousness hatches each time anew
Nine-banded Armadillo’s Poem 
We begin with fusion 
Walking Clone
Replication is a side-show
Rudimentary Bacterial Sex’
The printing press is altered
Nature loves everything alive
My own poetry
Drawing the Line

        Nature & Nurture
I cannot see my heart, unopened rose
You came smiling Another for Comrie 
Such bright shuffling
Mad is the same kind of word as ghost, spirit, witch, nymph
I knew it was genetic
Help me Lord for I am genetically weak

    X & Y
          Union of X and Y
X+X = Woman; X+Y = Man
XX - kiss, kiss

        Y Chromosome
How delicious such redundancy
Man Creature under Threat
Self-fixing Y Chromosome
He has shrunk
A Tiny and Almost Inert Stub
Distillation of the alien male
Perhaps it is fear of inferiority that makes men fear equality

        SRY Gene – Master Switch
SRY Gene
I never knew a man who did not like a dress
Of course Nature is a Woman
First, we are all women 
God the Mother (You Know it Makes Sense)
Acrea Encedon Butterflies
Butterflies begin as men
It is not the white intoxication of lilies
Even your breath is different

        Sex Wars
Man is an alteration to the chemistry
PERPETUAL ICE (Interlocus Contest Evolution)  

        X Chromosome
X Marks the Star Chromosome

Design Fault (Placenta)
The alien has landed
How long has the silent war been lost by women 
Perpetual ICE (interlocus contest evolution)
I hope you bloody remember sometimes
Peacock Tail Genes
Women Love Poets

          Celtic Spiral Fingerpad
Among all People
Humble Volvox inventing sex and death
Sex is not designed for pleasure 
Magical Fusion

The salmon leaps cleanly to the stars
If parthenogenesis became possible next week
In such genetic union
Homo Fungi Imperfecti
Penis envy is a dreadful conceit

        Egg (2)
The egg is a small universe
What a clutch!
Already within
My father saved the blackbird’s children
Each egg lost
Thoughts of a Dissatisfied Wife about Genomic Imprinting
The Bottling – Primordial Germ Cells
My Little Boy’s Babies
The story of my little boy’s babies

        Some notes on the Gender of Science
Of all man’s strengths
Reason is a blade
(Lost) Letter to Clarinda
The Fond Feminine
You can take a man to a woman’s exam results…SEQUENCE_THREE.htmlGene_story.htmlMendels_Peas.htmlThe_Human_Genome_Project_%282%29.htmlSome_history_of_the_Human_Genome_Project.htmlMaps.htmlHaplotype_Map.htmlGene_Atlas.htmlSequence_3_Sequencing.htmlGenomic_Grids.htmlRomantic_science.htmlSome_visions.htmlSome_visions.htmlSome_visions.htmlBrief_romp_through.htmlBrief_romp_through.htmlMedicine.htmlPrediction.htmlMission.htmlCancer.htmlMalaria.htmlGene_Therapy.htmlStem_Cells.htmlSome_special_genes.htmlEmbryology.htmlHomeotic_genes.htmlEmbryo_Story.htmlThe_Amazing_Tale.htmlThe_Amazing_Tale.htmlImmortality.htmlThe_Selfish_Gene.htmlCloning.htmlThe_art_of_cloning.htmlHello_Dolly.htmlThe_worlds_first_sheep.htmlHuman_Cloning.htmlNature_%26_Nurture.htmlX_%26_Y.htmlY_Chromosome.htmlSRY_Gene.htmlSex_wars.htmlX_Chromosome.htmlPlacenta.htmlSex.htmlParthenogenesis.htmlEgg.htmlSome_notes_on_the_Gender_of_Science.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2shapeimage_6_link_3shapeimage_6_link_4shapeimage_6_link_5shapeimage_6_link_6shapeimage_6_link_7shapeimage_6_link_8shapeimage_6_link_9shapeimage_6_link_10shapeimage_6_link_11shapeimage_6_link_12shapeimage_6_link_13shapeimage_6_link_14shapeimage_6_link_15shapeimage_6_link_16shapeimage_6_link_17shapeimage_6_link_18shapeimage_6_link_19shapeimage_6_link_20shapeimage_6_link_21shapeimage_6_link_22shapeimage_6_link_23shapeimage_6_link_24shapeimage_6_link_25shapeimage_6_link_26shapeimage_6_link_27shapeimage_6_link_28shapeimage_6_link_29shapeimage_6_link_30shapeimage_6_link_31shapeimage_6_link_32shapeimage_6_link_33shapeimage_6_link_34shapeimage_6_link_35shapeimage_6_link_36shapeimage_6_link_37shapeimage_6_link_38shapeimage_6_link_39shapeimage_6_link_40shapeimage_6_link_41shapeimage_6_link_42shapeimage_6_link_43shapeimage_6_link_44shapeimage_6_link_45shapeimage_6_link_46

Science comes in her mineral robes				
Communal Script
We are the owners of everything science reveals
The wild spirit of science

    The Human Genome Project
    – Public versus private
The Scene is set… 
There are goodies and baddies in this world, my child
An angel metamorphosed from darkness

        Public Servants,
        Private Masters
The soul of science is a vagabond
Science is a freelance spirit 
So the argument comes down to the inarguable sort –
God’s burning silver fingerprints
Human Genome Projects: Public versus Private 
An epic
This grail is writing 
Who are these tiny gods
Fundamental mismatch in the model
Human Genome - Nature’s Grail 

        Human Genome Project – Method (2)
Spirit of symbolism in sequencing 
Beyond the enormity of atoms


    Gene Patenting
Under your sequenced nose, people
Leaf Patent
Patenting Chaffinches
Locked in working molecules 
Look, I have invented the butterfly!
I am an original work, not for sale
There can be no ownership of the Genome
Asking Daisies
I am the Patent of the Flower
What is the identity of a star
I have taken out patent on the stars

Money for old Nature…
Money for Old Genome
When a flower is sold
Self-winding mechanism
We are the authors of ourselves
‘Madam, have you taken out a patent on that child?’
In my palm, six white rice bodies
Stealing rice from Nature’s own inventory
What drugs may come from different motives
The Genome spinning industry
What a pack of fleas on the Genome

        Eugenics/Designer Children
Nature’s Software
Genetically manipulating evolutionary shortcuts
Poor Applications of Genomic Knowledge
A perfect population
Men will always go to extremes
The child slunk through the whispering field
New genetic technologies - principle, consultation, discussion 

The genetic mark
What genius might genetic weedkiller expunge

Writing on the forehead
If you ain’t moderate by nature
The original prints of my behaviour
Here is my physical story
Genetic espionage
Martyr to my Genes
Are there not already genetic underclasses
Go back to the stars and sue
Beautiful mutants
Effects on Society’s DNA
The Genome has remained invisible to most
Some Even Further Implications
My story can be explained
These genes made you my brother
Genetic Terrorism 
Internal weapons
Layperson trying to assess the dangers

        Opinion Polls/Public
Man/furniture morph
Given the right presentation
    Blood Poems
Blood is red script
Genes are the chemical ghosts of the dead
From one root ball
Blood is a red poem
One drop spilled 
Why could I not have met you before you were dead

        Genomic Co-operation 
Elevation of principle to visibility in practice

Humanity is a blood family
More binding than continents or countries 
When we cry for strangers
What liquid art of humanity
The tear I cry for another
 “Only 2% of troops on the frontline shoot to kill”
Fine People

We are all black in our genes
Racism is an illogical concept
The Genographic Project
From the swab of my cheek

Yeah, let’s poke our noses in -
	Chinese Rice, 1990 
The Genome is a good chain
The children of the world are our responsibility

Society is biologically innate 
One shifting fabric
Scene: The Mound, Edinburgh, Scotland

Moving to the Highlands
The word home
Genetically Scottish
Calling on dead poets for comfort and courage
Staring sheep - late evening, Morvern, Highlands, Scotland 

What dance of genes
Black Mirrors with Two Stars
Each child is a work of art
We are still one, in nature
Four Billion Years of Work
How lovely the souls of children
Only children and lambs
My child is Creation’s highest art
Small Sparkling Stories
Children and animals seem preferable to adults
All children are our children 
Zoing! POW! Zap! Gazooks!

    Holy-Moley-More God!
Science and religion are not the right and left hand of thought
Marriage of Science and Religion (2)
Zeros and Ones of Existence
Made in His image 
          Viral understanding of Jesus 
          I saw a word in the darkness -
          Guddling amongst the genes
Maybe scientists are catching up with artists!
Maybe Science is catching up with God!
Science and religion both
The impulse to create God in the mind
It’s not so hard to think of ourselves as script
We stand as poems in a poem 
From the dust of stars came letters
The notion of Evolution does not kill God
Evolution makes the case for God
Genome without a body
Umbilical Soul 
Why steal God
 ‘Quantum religio potuit suadere malorum’
– how many crimes has religion made
people commit 					
Look, ye cannae blame Goad fir his foallowers
We made God to our own design
We have made God in our own image
Men felt it necessary to have a war against God
Don’t blame God for how we made him up
God is possible again 

        Holy Physics
Poem of Holy Physics 
What inhabits the space, is
Defineable as a Mongoose
A Universe just like this one
There cannot be a Theory of Everything, without Love
Perhaps God knew everything first 
The necessity of faith is obvious, though tough  
Life seems a painting over light
My touching of you is a miracle of illusion –
I cannot know you as skin and bones
The heart as universal geiger counter
If I could understand the force that sent this little pink flower
I’ve always looked up when I think of God
Lord, Lord, where are you – 
Fun Holy Equation
The Genome is but deeper, nearer
Aesthetic echoes
Slow Creation
God is shorthand for the hands of time
Did God know the poem of the world
Maybe this is the resurrection of the body
Ingredient and circumstance of the Universe
Animals, plants too 
Genes hold the Garden of Eden together
God is the Lordly Tree

        More Religious Chemistry
Jesus had DNA
Jesus brought God what he had learned
God the Chemist (2)
Drawn from earth
To be is to be like God
No conflict in the slow watchmaker
Best Proof of Paley’s Watchmaker
Darwin is studying the genome

        Artificial Life
Makin an artificial beastie
It’s life, Jim… 
Like witches, magicians, scientists coiling DNA
Mycoplasma genitalium 
I am the Plagiarist
Mycoplasma genitalium 
Yoos doon there
Did you know as you slumbered in ignorance
And now we have the human pattern
Unfolding of knowledge and beauty

Human Genome Project: Culmination and Revolution 
The Genome has slipped into knowledge
Enquiring Biological Poem
We have discovered we are like angels
The Human Genome is a chemical dreamSEQUENCE_FOUR.htmlEthics.htmlPublic_versus_Private.htmlPublic_versus_Private.htmlPublic_servants.htmlPublic_servants.htmlHuman_Genome_Project_Method_%282%29.htmlTruce.htmlGene_Patenting.htmlMoney.htmlEugenics.htmlStigma.htmlDiscrimination_Work_Insurance.htmlDiscrimination_Work_Insurance.htmlOpinion_Polls_Public_Perception_Power.htmlOpinion_Polls_Public_Perception_Power.htmlBlood_Poems.htmlGenomic_Co-Operation.htmlOrigins.htmlCosmopolis.htmlSociety.htmlHome_The_Human_Genome.htmlChild.htmlHoly-moley-more_God%21.htmlHoly_Physics.htmlMore_religious_chemistry.htmlArtificial_Life.htmlGenomic_Vision.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2shapeimage_7_link_3shapeimage_7_link_4shapeimage_7_link_5shapeimage_7_link_6shapeimage_7_link_7shapeimage_7_link_8shapeimage_7_link_9shapeimage_7_link_10shapeimage_7_link_11shapeimage_7_link_12shapeimage_7_link_13shapeimage_7_link_14shapeimage_7_link_15shapeimage_7_link_16shapeimage_7_link_17shapeimage_7_link_18shapeimage_7_link_19shapeimage_7_link_20shapeimage_7_link_21shapeimage_7_link_22shapeimage_7_link_23shapeimage_7_link_24shapeimage_7_link_25shapeimage_7_link_26shapeimage_7_link_27